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104 Pcs Garden Plant Support Stakes

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  • Application: Support for climbing plants, flowers and vegetables. This garden cage is designed specifically for vertical climbing plants to provide support. Perfect for growing tomato plants, pole beans, eggplant, cucumbers, pepper, grapes, kiwi, morning glory and roses. Assist your plants in growing upward and create a lovely garden with this Green Coated Plant Stake.
  • Material: Durable cages provide sturdy support for a bigger, better harvest. Steel-core stakes have a tough plastic coating. The crosspieces provide season-long support. Accessories are made of plastic, sturdy for durable use.
  • Size: Each stake is 45cm long and 11mm diameter. 50M Twist Tie with Cutter.
  • Easy to use and install: No tools needed, this cage takes minimal time and effort to set up. 51 inch height meets the maximum height of most tomato plant varieties. Garden Trellis can be configured and assembled freedom: A Frame Trellis, teepee trellis, tomato tower, ladder planter supports and so on.
  • What you get: 27 Pcs Steel Core Stakes, 22 Pcs Connecting Pipes, 27 Pcs Snap-On Arms, 6 Pcs A type connection pipes, 12 Pcs Universal Buckles, 1 Pc Twist Tie with Cutter and 9 Pcs Plant Support Clips.