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15Pack T316 Stainless Stee Jaw Swage Stud Turnbuckle

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  • Applications: Fit 1/8'' stainless steel cable. Suitable for outdoor or indoor. Available to suit both timber and metal posts, the Jaw Swage System is perfect for high use areas where children, pets or guests may pull on the wires.
  • Material: 316 Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel is highly resistant, but not impervious to the elements, and requires minimal maintenance for ideal results.
  • Size: Jaw & Swage Turnbuckle Opened Length: 9.4" Closed Length: 6.4" Fork Terminal Swage: 2.9" Lag Screw Eye: 2.9"
  • What You Get: 15 Pcs Jaw & Swage Turnbuckles,15 Pcs Fork Terminal Swages, 30 Pcs Lag Screw Eyes