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Free Shipping Over $39

53 Inch 68 teeth High Tree Limbs Hand Rope Chain Saw

  • Application: Quickly cuts branches up to 16 inch in diameter. Cut limbs 40 FT, or add more rope for higher cuts. Flexible chain for any height limbs. Trim hard-to-reach branches from the ground. Our chainsaw is perfect for camping, field survival, hunting, backpacking and gardening.
  • Material: 68 Teeth hand chain saw is made of high-strength carbon steel for long lasting durability.
  • Size: 53 inch Chain, 68 teeth Blades with 2 Pcs 16.4 ft Ropes, Blades on Both Sides.
  • Easy to Operate: 53" chain has two-way cutting action. Just toss the weighted end of the rope over the limb, pull the blade up into position, then pull back and forth on each control rope. Cut high limbs safely and easily from the ground.
  • Package List: 68 Teeth Hand Chain Saw + 2 Pcs 16.4 ft Ropes + 1 Pc Throwing Weight Pouch + 2 Pcs Handles + 2 Pcs Hand Wrist Strap + 2 Pcs Spring Snap Hook+ 1 Pc Round File.